Need Help with 3d models for halo 5 for Youtube Machinima


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Dear 405th
I need help with 3d.obj files for the character in my youtube machinima so please help us out!
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Can you be more specific? What exactly do you need help with? If it's obj files you're looking for, check the Armory. Also, I would recommend reading up in new recruits before posting right away. Cheers, BlueFire :D


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No like I tried to get the armor setup via Blender to animate but the mesh I cannot figure out how to rig the mesh nor can I animate since My pc is a bit "Slow" I cannot seem to animate it nor rig teh animation with specific armor?


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I recommend asking that in Machinima forums or 3d animation oriented, 405th is a costuming community forum.


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Yeah, as stated above, I don't think this is the right place. Sure, there's some 3D modelling and stuff going on, but that's about it. Animation and machinima aren't exactly the point of the 405th.

That said, since you have the models already, I would recommend that you look up tutorials on YouTube and such to learn rigging and animating. That's how I learned. And as someone who has recently composited some animation into a machinima piece, just know that it's time consuming and complicated. I honestly wouldn't make an attempt to add animation in if you don't have much experience.