need help with a program...

im trying to upload a picture to maya and none of the formats i can save my pictures to match maya. can any one help me with this problem

pm me please
i mean im trying to put something onto maya i have photos of all sides but every time i put it in its saying rong file or somthing please help me if you can.

Ral Partha

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Have you tried clicking on its Help Button? There should be some information there on compatible formats.


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Ironcobra3000 said:
Maya is a 3D program, it can't do that. You need to use a .Gif program. or photobucket's slide maker.
C'mon, he said "i have photos of all sides" that tells me he trying to put reference pictures on background to start modelling over them...
This is standard function in 3dsmax and Maya..
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I've never used Maya so I'm probably not much of a help but I did manage to find these links that might help get your reference images into Maya. Also it sounds like you might have to use .tiff format if you want to import references.


Hope that helps :)