Need Help With Finding Halo Reach Armour


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The title pretty much says it all. I'm looking for just the plain noble six chest piece but can only find the female version and idk if that's the same as the male noble six or if its thinner or something idk, anyway thank you for helping!!

Sean Anwalt

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All the files are in there somewhere. You'll just have to look. But that link should be it. Or very near it.


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Actually, Sean Anwalt , that entry is just for the Mark V Helmet, for the "Default" Mark V armor, chest shoulders, cod/posterior, thighs, shins, et cetera you will want this file:

All the files are in one .Zip file that you wil ldownload and then extract. There are two different versions of the Chest in Pep, they are the same just made/unfolded by different modelers, and then a version of the chest optimized for Foam.