Need Help With Making Parts Move


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Hello Everyone!

I am in the process of making the single shot grenade launcher from Halo 5, and Kaween is currently converting a file to "3D Printable" for me! (He's freaking awesome) Once I have those I will start printing, but I had a thought, what if I could get it to work? I know what you're probably thinking, and its true! I want to make an airsoft version! Get ya? Oh well, at least I tried. So onto the technical stuff: I want it to have a break action and working trigger that is connected to a lever that pushes the button on the back of an Airsoft 40mm Grenade (120 Bullets at once). Coincidentally, the Halo grenade launcher also shoots 40mm grenades! I believe that if someone could help me figure out the break action portion of the project, I could install the trigger assembly after printing is all done. I know I'm crazy for thinking about this, but you gotta admit, it would be awesome.

Any help or advice is appreciated, unless its telling me not to, cause im quite the hard head!

Sgt Whupass

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you could probably build off a .203 under barrel. there aren't a whole lot of moving parts to that at all though.