Need help with zune

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i got these videos from youtube but 2 cut off i dont know why but when i try redownloading them it says Zune software encountered a problem while playing the file. For additional assistance, click Web Help and when i click web help it says Summary
Zune software cannot play the file.

Typically, this error occurs when there is a problem with your sound device, such as your sound card or sound controller. However, in some cases, it can also occur if there is a problem with the file or your Internet connection.

please help? i tried everything.
Yeah, because I downloaded the Making of the Halo 2 trailer from Filefront, and I got the same error. It was because the desktop icon showed the Quicktime player symbol. Probably if it doesn't show Zune on the "Open With" without going through "More..", then it wont work.
Forgot to say, once you download them. YOu have to convert them to a format that the zune can play. Use conversion software.
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