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Can any one help me out with the visor can anyone tell me something i can use for one or tell me where to get a cheap one
You can check some hardware stores or even office stores for transculcent plastic that you form into a lense for your helmet. That's what i did in my first helmet a while back.
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There are several threads for this in Molded Armor and some examples in Classifieds.
Here's a good one.

try ace hardware..or if ur not picky bout collors just use a 2 leiter bottle or somthing then cut out the shap and if u spraypaint it lightly u can still see through it i used a soke bottle with light orange then red spray paint and it looks good maybe not perfect but still any more questions i will be happy to answer...:D


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the 2 liter trick is what i use and honestly a pretty good cheap thought but you can go to places like home depot and buy the silver mirror tint or the copper mirror tint and those would be i guess your cheap option it was for me i dunno about you though
make the visor...find cheap tintted gold sunglasses...paint the visor gold all the way...cut two small rectangles in the right places so that you can see out of them...glue gold lenses to the inside of the visor...then you can see out...
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