Need opinons. And fire.

Should i start over new, or keep going?

  • Go cardboard, burn teh mache

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  • keep the mache and keep going

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OK. Here it is. Im beggining to think my macheing is not going so well. And its taking far too long. I have 30$ and im leaning towards Tastybread's method of a quick, good looking cardboard suit. If you dont know what or who tastybread is, Look here. Check the poll and vote.

w/out pics of your mache it's hard to decide

I guess if you're confident in your scratchbuild skills, go for the cardboard. I will add that if you want it to last I would coat it in something, resin, plaster, duck tape, whatever.
Sorry for the lack of pics :evil: my camera is dead. Im gonna go get some batteries so look for pics later today or tommarow. Im goin' cardboard. Ive got both helmets made so ill compare those in the pics.

Oh, and thanks for the advice, LS :dee:
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