Need Reference Pics of Assault rifle

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right now im in california at my hotel typing this but when i get back i am going to build an assault rifle please i need some reference pictures im building it out of forum board or card board so please give me ref. pictures :mrgreen: oh and i was wondering if i should do it like this Assault Rifle or like this Assault Rifle(pics at bottom)put 1 for the first one and 2 for the second one.
P.S i wouldnt mind the measurements for an ar ethier if anyone can spare it.
Hey man, the easiest and quickest way is to run a quick search. THere are soooooo many pictures already up.

Its easy to use too. :mrgreen:
right now i am goin out for a while but when i come back i will help get pics for u, even though they are on the net
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