Need some help with pep software

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ok I have two things that I would like to accomplish in pepakura but haven't been able to figure out on my own yet

1. When I unfold a model in pep and add edge I'd's, it only lables a small number of edges leaving the rest blank. How do I fix this.

2. How do I break certain parts into smaller parts so I can maintain correct scale but keep the pieces from crossing page borders.

Thanks guys.
The edge ID thing sounds like you've got open edges on the model... ie, 2 edges sitting on top of one another, but not welded. When you bring the model in, and it asks if you want to join adjacent edges, make sure you click on yes. that may fix your problem with the edge IDs.

To break certain parts/join others together. right click anywhere in the 2d pattern window, and select Join/Disjoin Face. After you have that tool active, you can just click on edges to join them with their corresponding edge. or click on a closed edge to split it apart.
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