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So i am in a process of build helmets from eva foam, but i'm new to pepakura, so for building to i copy down the pieces on the foam and work off of that or build the paper craft and eyeball it? I have made 1 helmet so far but it was poorly done since i eyed it instead of trying to find templates. What do i do?



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If you've got a pepakura file and you're looking to make it from foam, usually you just copy the paper pattern onto the foam and cut it out, making sure to flip it for each side. However, pepakura files are a little different to foam templates, the biggest difference being that pepakura files consider thickness, while for foam patterns, the thickness comes from the foam. So you'll probably have to adjust the pep file to work for foam.

That's a pretty good helmet, especially for eyeballing it!


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Hey haloguy233, you also might want to check out Andrew DFT's ODST templates. I believe they are for free.....or really cheap.....but its a great way to get your feet wet when it comes to foamsmithing. He even has a YouTube tutorial on how to build it. Keep in mind of the printer settings. He prints A4 instead of US standard so there might be a size difference depending on where you live. Always go a big bigger. For what you did for your first attempt, not bad but here are a few tips for the future:

1) Keep a sharp blade. if you only have the one, get a sharpener. It will give you cleaner and smoother cuts
2) Don't over do it w/ the glue. You'll only have to clean it up afterwards regardless. You could also try contact cement to attach pieces.
3)Bevel cuts. This allows the separate pieces to form a cleaner looking seam rather than having the whole cut side exposed.
4) Watch a few of the YouTube tutorials. Evil Ted, Halo Goddess, DFT are just a few of them.
5) If you run in to a problem, or just want advice, you came to the right place. Just ask, and I'm confident that 10 people will chime in......eventually.
6) Take your time. Don't rush. If you do it will show in the quality of your pieces and then in the overall suit.

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