Need Someone to Unfold Helmet!


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So I recently opened Halo 5 armor assets in pepakura, and found they were not unfolded. I don't like Pepakura's 'Auto Unfold' Feature, & I really want to make the Intruder Helmet. Anyone who has experience Unfolding & can unfold to where the helmet will be fairly easy to create ( I'll be using foam) Reply to this thread. Help is Appreciated! UPDATE: If you want to unfold it don't post it to 405 as the file belongs to microsoft. To Unfold it, the file link is down here. When it is unfolded make it like a mediafire download or 4shared or whatever so I can download it, Thanks!

Link: If you don't reach the link from that, the way to get to it is this-



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Hey there! Welcome to the forums! Please be sure to use the Pepakura Requests Thread if you have any unfold requests - keeping all requests in one place makes things easier for somebody to get to your request, and it doesn't clog up the forums.


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Oh, Sorry I didn't use there. I'm new to 405. I apologize for any trouble this might have caused.
No worries mate.
I can unfold it for you if you'd like.
(im gonna do it now actually)

EDIT: (update) Its an extremely high res model (it will probably need editing on a 3d editing program) and im only a novice unfolder so i think i'll leave it to the pros. . . Sorry mate :l
Good luck with your build


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Well I tried, but I just am not good at unfolding. I tried to do it the last 2 weeks, & it didn't work out. I swear I used like every Unfolding Tutorial on the website & the unfold just isn't, right to make...