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Hi there. So about a week ago I posted on reddit asking for help and just am now getting around to asking here. Got to love adulting.
Anywho if you want to you can read it, but I'm going to be hopefully more coherent here.

So I've been trying to get into cosplaying, but due to various factors involving finances/relationship, I have only been able to get into cosplaying recently and even less so into building my own. That said the couple of times I've tried doing pepakura to do fiberglass builds haven't been successful as I've embarrassingly made mistakes usually involving materials, mostly the glue. Alright it's been the glue. I was sooooooo dense. /rant. That said I'm needing a break before I attempt that again.

With all that out of the way what I'm hoping to find is someone that would be willing to give me a hand in at least starting to build a suit. While the literal biggest issue is I'm in the middle of repairing our house and the work area I had is unavailable atm. The other issue is I'm just wanting to hang out and nerd out with cause as alluded earlier I was in a less than ideal relationship and long story short trying to rebuild some irl connections especially if it's in other content creation as I'm starting my own studio.


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Welcome back Syntrick :). If you've had trouble in the past with paper and fiberglass, and the budget is kind of tight, might I recommend trying EVA foam construction instead? A pack of foam from Harbor Freight can run as little as $10-$7 given sales or coupons, it can be put together with different kinds of glues, and doesn't involve harmful chemicals especially if your pressed for working space. The construction methods a little different than paper, but shares the same programs used. Paper and fiberglass methods are kind of dissolving with the advent of 3D printers now-a-days. RandomRanger cosplay has been putting together a tutorial series on building a foam suit from the ground up over on Youtube, if you want to check it out and see if it's easier.
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