Nerf Awsomeness


Robogenisis said:
I'll definately be buying one of those (and modding/painting it). It brings back memories of a 20 round pump nerf machine gun I had years ago.
Lol i still have mine! :D

That gun has sum serious possibility for modding. M249 minimi anyone?
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I would like to buy that, but there is no NERF retailers in sweden, they have come with a nerf looking handgun, a Dart tag game for 2 players :cautious:
Hope i can import it xD


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i just buy it on my way back from dragon*con and its huge , its very cool looking and will be awsome when repaint . here one picture to show you the scale .

the only bad thing about is that sometime the darts stuck in the barrel . but beside that is hour of fun .