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Nerf Spartan Lazer

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by eclipsetuner018, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. eclipsetuner018

    eclipsetuner018 Jr Member

  2. Jonny Nny

    Jonny Nny Member

    Holy freakin crapppp!!

    that' would be an awesome start for the spartan lazar if you did alot of detailing with like carboard and paper, maybe print out some of the pep parts that might needed to be added.
  3. CommanderFluffy

    CommanderFluffy Well-Known Member

    definately a cut down bersion of a spartain lazer heres a blue image of one [​IMG]
  4. JOLTY TacoMan

    JOLTY TacoMan Jr Member

    lol nice find
  5. shellshocker

    shellshocker Jr Member

    lol great job nerf!(sarcasm...)

    but the problem would be that the originals S Laser is big that you have to mount it on you shoulders, but that thing has as size fit for a kid(probably) to hold it in their hands. It would be too small for a lazer.
  6. Jonny Nny

    Jonny Nny Member

    Way to be a buzz kill ...................................just kidding
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 25, 2017
  7. nirvanaking95

    nirvanaking95 Jr Member

    Okay seriously?..

    they copy way too much crap.
  8. Jonny Nny

    Jonny Nny Member

    I never noticed it until now, they have guns that look like maulers too!
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 25, 2017
  9. daftndirekt

    daftndirekt Jr Member

    or maybeeee bungie copies them!
    jk :p
  10. ARCsaber987

    ARCsaber987 Jr Member

    Gotta love companies who do that.
    They get the people who just want foam shooting guns (like me) and the people that want Halo guns (me again).
    On the other hand, they're just to lazy to come up with their own cool design.

    (Sorry Nerf, I like the N-Strike guns, but some of the others make no sense!) o_O
  11. Raine342

    Raine342 New Member

    Its big enough to be a prop for my cat. lolz. :D
  12. eclipsetuner018

    eclipsetuner018 Jr Member

    Haha Yeah, Buzz Bee Toys likes to steal halo designs. Although I don't think the real laser was belt fed. . LOL
  13. X502XedgeX

    X502XedgeX New Member

    this thing is so cool, a great prop for people that make armor for their kids........or maybe in the next halo installment, we will have a laser pistol, and this is it hahaha

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