Nerf Zombie Strike To Brute Spiker

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Dylan Rutland

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I’m new to the 405th, but I figured I’d show a little WIP I have right now. I decided to take the Nerf Zombie Strike gun and make a Brute Spike. I don’t have access to any super fancy tech so I just used what I have access too for other WIPs. It’s not an exact process, I’m really just going with what works best without having to modify the gun much. My little brother loves the Spiker and I figured I’d let this be my first Prop. 4A2CC646-4658-4767-A744-3E0D38D26624.jpeg27DA8816-45DA-4824-BF0A-1B4C32808506.jpeg69C12D14-7030-4576-8DCB-03840CE3CFC5.jpegD20902C2-2F0D-4C37-B9C5-56381639895F.jpeg
I sanded all the logos, warning labels, and other emblems downstart.

I used EVA foam floor mats to construct the blades on the bottom. The brackets are also EVA foam. Using V cuts and shallow cuts I created the detail. I used my deemed to make the little circles for some raised texture.

after that it was heat sealed and plastidipped. I made sure to tape off the gun so not to get anything on the actually plastic part.

Not entirely game accurate, but it’s cool anyway. Updates to follow. :)


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I love the brute spiker so much, I wanna turn one of my Nerf Magnums into one. Consider me excited to see more progress!
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