NEW 405th Emblem to honor our outstanding ODST's


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The 405th had an amazing number of ODST's in attendance at the LA Red Carpet Premiere of Halo the Series and at the request of one of our members, Lukavago13, who's early rendition of a special 405th ODST emblem got our wheels spinning and we landed on this inspired addition to our formally recognized emblem lineup. I give you the 405th ODST. As with all of the 405th branding you may present it on your armor following the style guides attached to this message. Any use outside of this for merchandise or any other is strictly prohibited and any use other than armor for single on off items must be approved through your RCO and the Division Identity Officer. We hope in the near future to add this item to our Redbubble 405th Community Store so keep on the lookout for that, until next time Helljumpers....Feet First!!
405th ODST Identity Guide OUT MASTER 051222-02.png


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