New Armor Permutation Revealed 7/7/07

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Sean Bradley

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In case you all didn't notice, Bungie released a image of a new armor
variation today amongst all the Bungie Day stuff. It's in the artwork that
was used for the Gamepro cover, although they cleverly hid it on the
cover by moving on of the characters...



This looks pretty close, doesn't it?

With the right color choice, you may get you wish... or close to it anyway.
I do wonder if the Spartan holding the chaingun is a new variant, or a strange angle on the CQB armor. If it is new, I hope to find out what it is.... and sadly, nothing new on the Brute Excavator... :cry1: Perhaps Doom would "accidentally" slip us a picture, in light of Bungie Day?
Oh...New armor? Looks nice. Very nice. So many Spartans to mix 'n match, so little time. Take that Betty Spaghetti....
I do wonder if the Spartan holding the chaingun is a new variant, or a strange angle on the CQB armor.

I thought that too, but you can see that the side of the helmet around the visor is totally different.... Also is you look in the large pic, there is a CQB in that photo, the artist wouldn't have mixed them up and put the one he wasn't sure about at the center of the frame.

And that chestpiece is totally different than anything we've seen before...

I know it's not as confirmed as seeing it in-game, but theres got to be good reason that is was hidden in the Gamepro cover, and subsequently released today.
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I know that some people have said that the Ninja is not SPI but that blue one looks almost like they the ripped pose and stance directly out of GoO. It's just reversed :Steve:
Yes that one holding the chain gun is the new CQB Spartans and the other one behind him (which looks like a bug) is the new EVA Spartans.. Both these new Spartans are only to be used in Multiplayer (from what I've heard)
Actually the one with the chaingun is an unidentified armor.

The CQB is the one with the laser on the right, and the EVA is the SPI lookin one behind the chaingun guy.
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