New armour varient


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I was just wondering if antone has atempted to create an armour varient from halo 3? I would love to see them and have Ideas on how to sculpt them like the hayabusa helmet would be hard but the shoulders would be great fun. What do you think?

[attachment=1772:CQB.jpg][attachment=1773:EOD.jpg][attachment=1775:EVA.jpg] [attachment=1776:Hayabusa.jpg] [attachment=1777:ODST.jpg][attachment=1779:Recon.jpg] [attachment=1781:Rogue.jpg] [attachment=1782:Scout.jpg][attachment=1784:Security.jpg] [attachment=1774:Flaming_Helmet.jpg]

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I think people are starting on some EVA, CQB, and maybe EOD pepakura.

The only one sculpting that I know of is Adam with the Scout helmet.