New cardboard king?

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woah, get him to join

monstermaker=cardboard god
this guy = cardboard king

but his ar is pretty awesome
He says he got the spandex from a Chinese ebayer, probably one of the Zentai suit makers. But he says it was only 5 dollars, and there's no way shipping from China is that low (usually they charge around 20).
Wow, monster has def got competition. Has anyone contacted this guy or should I sign up?

Link's got some competition too :shock:
Well done, but that spackling throws me for a loop. Kinda ruins the neatness of the rest of it.

Still for cardboard, I'm amazed!
Wow, is all I have to say about the dude who made the suit from cardboard.

Its one of the most accurate cardboard armors I've seen.

Sign him up, Sign him up, Sign him Up!!!!! :christa:
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