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Hey, its been awhile since I last said anything XD but I have heard that they are making a Dead Rising 2 and a Gears of War 2 in the future, I look forward to both of them.
They said that they will alternate a new Halo and GoW Game every year. so in 08 expect a GoW 2 and in 09 a new halo game. (got his from a EGM mag)
Mustang68 said:
Wait....I thought Halo 3 was the last installment. :Steve:

Well sir there are other spartans. The game potential is only limited by how much we support it.
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Also they might do just packs or something9 new maps, guns ect. They might just update it as well gamplay wise.
WanderingRon1n said:
when they say last of the trilogy they mean bye bye Spartan-117. or atleast no games based on what hes doing

1. not necessarily
2. prequels are an option
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Eeee.....gads! Prequels of Halo? I certainly hope not. However, a game starting before or whenever the same time Halo did, but as a different SPARTAN, off doing their own thing. That would be interesting.
WanderingRon1n said:
but the Spartans were made to combat the covies so it would be weird to play a game that takes place before halo but involves spartans

aka Halo Wars....Hmmm? :mrgreen:
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The spartans weren't meant just for the covies. They were to protect humanity. In the books they only meet the covenant when John has grown up. Perquel would be wierd, But another spartan now we' re talking. CAN U SAY REACH and ONYX. dude the spartan 3's!!!!! :shock: Hopefully they will not milk the series and in like 5 yrs. it is gonna be like oh halo 13 woop ee. Halo Wars looks so tight though.
no because when reach was attacked the war with the covenant had been going on for awhile. many other planets had been gassed already. why would the UNSC need a multi-million dollar super soldier to combat nothing? the whole reason for the spartan project was to get an upper hand on the covenant.
Dude in the beggining of Reach they only reach contact the covenant. We are the hand of God or something. John stands up and asks if it is an actually translation. No it is in English so they have been studying us for a long time.. (yes i'm obessive).. ;-)
They weren't fighting the Covenant for along time, they were fighting a Rebellion, thats why the Spartans were created, then the Covenant appeared and started to glass the colonies, then the Spartans went from fighting abunch of Rebels to fighting the Covenant. Cause the first time they actually fought the Covenant was when Spartan 034-Sam stayed on the Covenant ship because a needler shot damaged his suit, and at that time, they didn't have their Mjolnir suits, so they had no sheilding, so Sam stayed on the ship and detonated the bomb they set inside of it.
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