new halo 2 maps????

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no, probably around spring, maybe dumbed down versions of Halo 3,but you need a 360 and you will have to pay for them thanks to Microsoft
well I dont know about you, but I still play Halo 1 from time to time, in fact I was jus thinking about it today
I play multiplayer every now and then but not that often, I dont have live, so Halo 2 has less advantage over Halo 1 to me in that sense
Yup, new maps ahoy. No release dates, no nothing, but I'm sure they'll rock. One problem though, being for the 360 only, that will severly mess with matchmaking, won't it? If you have a 360, would some of the people you're playing with over Live be on the original 'box? If it is cross-platform, then the playlists will be wierd, they might have to make two different playlists for original and 360 owners. =/
but the downloaded maps played on system link even if one didnt have the mps, I think its just microsoft trying to get more people to buy 360'3 and make more money
Nah, its probably just that they have already released the Multiplayer Map pack and don't want to release yet another disc for like just a few new maps....

Besides it's just're all gonna have to get 360's before Halo 3 launces anyway... why fight it?
Sean's right. Plus I think someone said that there may be a few similar maps to H3. Not exact repicas but roots from them. Hopefully we will get to fight a multiplayer map on earth.
*cough* High Ground/Valhalla *cough*
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