New Halo 3 Multiplayer Pics today, also Weapon renders

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Sean Bradley

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For anyone who didn't catch this at HBO, the 'embargo' on the new Multiplayer images and Weapon pics is over. GamePro and IGN both have big galleries up showing off the Custom armors in gameplay as well as renders of the Halo 3 weapons... very useful for anyone wanting to get a headstart on making their weapons or armor Halo 3 compliant!

Gamepro: Lots o' pics of the Brute Chopper and new map Shrine:

IGN: Weapons and new armor renders, lots of new Multiplayer screens:

Chewdog316 said:
He has the same feet as master chief.

it is a spartan, with an add-on to the chest piece etc.
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2 pics of the Human Sniper, 2 pics of the Covie Sniper... whats there is there. These are the first H3 weapon render pics released.... but thats prolly all they'll do...
the firs pic kind looks like a clone from star wars........i wanted halo to keep oridginal not have to many different types of chiefs......but these can only be used in multiplayer right? if so.............i luuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrvvvvvvvvvvv it!
Have they shown the Brute Excavator yet? Or am I still one of few who have seen it :eek:?

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