New Halo 3 Statue revealed

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Sean Bradley

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Pictures of the upcoming Master Chief ARTFX statue from Kotobukiya.


OMFGBBQ! Look at that detail!

The thread links to a website that claims to have a preorder available for this piece - but the link on their main page doesn't work.
They are always pretty good with their detail. I picked up an Armored Core kit from them and it was the most complex six inch kit I've ever seen.

Yeah awesome.

Their North American page doesn't seem to have been updated since early May....
Cool. Two thoughts: hand armor is a little too wide; hands must be interchangeable or bendable (look at the fingers in different pics)

Kotobukiya is offering us its first statue from Halo 3, the next Bungi Software first person shooter on X360. The model presented is Master Chief (Spartan-117) and this PVC and ABS High definition Statue is 11.75 inch high. Comes with 2 arms, one "Magnum" and "Energy Sword". Halo 1 & 2 were sold over 12,000,000 copies in the world and Halo 3 has already received over 4,000,000 pre-orders. The game should be release in Europe on September 26th.
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They cost $85 USD.

It really isn't too small either. I have the small Muckle statue (which isn't even an inch taller), and I think its size is pretty nice for displaying. Unless of course you wanted it sitting on the floor for display, then it would definately be too small, but for shelves / desks it is good.
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