NEW HALO 3 VIDEO - 'Betalicious' Sanctioned by Bungie

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Sean Bradley

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Whoa, I can't believe nobody has gotten this posted here yet.

This morning Bungie interviewed Mr. Jukes, a legendary halo trickster, the man who invented sport jumping in Halo 2 practically. Anyhow, more importantly they posted a link up for his latest video: Betalicious! , fully shot in the Halo 3 alpha and beta.

It has to be seen to believed. There are a bunch of confirmed rumors with this one and TONS of tactical information for the BETA:

Link to Bungie story w/ link

If anybody wants to re-host it, post a link here. It's an official vid, so no worries about it going missing....

Let me tic off the highlights:

High Resoluion... better than any leaked video
First look at Frankies fabled water effects
First look at physics enabled plants in environment
LOTS of views of the Spartan Laser in use (blows up Mongoose!)
First footage of portable jump pad being deployed
Trip mine used as an offensive weapon (combo w/ grenade)
Spartan Laser kills = 'Lasered"
First footage of "Shield Walls"
New medal "Killjoy"
First footage of someone being stuck with a spike grenade

Best footage of 'custom armor colors" yet! Helmet and shoulders are 2nd color!

Look at 3:46 of the vid: WTF is that!!!! Some kind of deployable energy wall?
downloading now... you boast a lot about this thing. BETA NOT SUCK! Or you BETA RUN!

spike grenade sounds like a direct ripoff of gears... wassup?

'does not dissapoint'.... I tell no lies :mrgreen:

It's also the first montage video made with the internal video playback feature... Make sure you watch the whole thing past the credits too.

This is the most revealing video to come out of the beta so the best resolution so far.. Although it comes from Bungie with a disclaimer that the graphics aren't done... yeah.. well so what else is new? ;-)
spartan laser is .... just too powerful. It's going to be unfair. I was thinking that it was a one shot thing, but he carries is around and wacks multiple people with it.

I like the grav lift "feature"
I dunno, it's going to be really fun to use. More kills = more better to me. Can't be any worse than taking a sniper round to the head from across the map.

but wait til I get tagged with it a few times in the beta... I'll probably agree with you then!

Todays the day of the big H3 press event, so I'm sure by the time the update comes out there will be more exciting details to celibrate.
Adam said:
spartan laser is .... just too powerful. It's going to be unfair.

Agree'd. People went on about, "Well, you still have to track the enemy". That doesn't look that hard. It's pretty much a "rocket Launcher with Manuel Lock-On". I don't see how having the Spartan Laser in the game is fairer than having the Fuel Rod Gun.

But the sword with no lock-on? 1) HOW AM I GOING TO ESCAPE THE LEVELS NOW! 2) Wouldn't that make it kind of pointless then? It would have the smallest "useable" range. A guy backtracking with an SMG can take out the sword now.
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huh.... neighsayers...

Luke Smith said in todays weekly update:

Q: Which element of the public beta is your favorite, and why?

A: The Spartan Laser. Despite Mr. Jukes’ video yesterday and the massive shedding of Internet tears about how “overpowered” folks think the Laser is, it’s not overpowered, it’s an elegant weapon from a more civilized age.

So... until you play with it, don't judge.... could be your next favorite weapon... who knows.?
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I want to see someone go off a jump pad with the Mongoose, get sniped, then watch the Mongoose keep flying - - or tumbling.

OR! Jump Pad launch into a bunch of fusion cores + Trip mine.
HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!1 ok i figured out what the missile pod is and theres new lights on the chest armor.
the missile pod is like a turret but since you can pick up turrets in this game it satys in third person and you can shoot it and everything, he picks up a turret at the end WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWO..
Mancubus said:
the missile pod is like a turret but since you can pick up turrets in this game it satys in third person and you can shoot it and everything, he

Ok, but what is it firing? It sure wasn't a nuclear warhead.
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So, Im taking wendsday off from school, and isnt the starting time at 8am?(EST) although i dont think ill be able to sleep tuesday night
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