New Halo Armors


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I saw a bunch of advertisements for halo wars and liked the new mark 4 armor. here's a picture


I also like this redux of mark v armor.


So, does anyone have plans to make these armor sets into real, wearable suits? I think that would be pretty awesome. We could have a whole line of each mjolnir model.

The redux of mark v armor is a little off in the visor area I think. The visor is supposed to have those lines in it, like from halo3 multiplayer, but the redux has it smooth. I suppose someone could mix it up when they make it for real.

If someone could make these in pepakura software, I would love to try making them. I guess we will have to wait for the release of halo wars before we could get the whole picture in there.

anyway, I love the new armor remodels and hope to see them on real people soon.


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I think you should use the search function a bit. The whole MKIV thing is being discused in lots of threads. Bevbor and some others even started building.


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you maybe new but plz use the search function it's there for a reason
the mrk iv has been in design for about a month before halo wars came out and there is at least two ppl dealing with the mrk v redux if you cant find it with the search function go through the first 2-3 pages of every section and ul find it


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Sorry. Excuse my noobness. I just didn't think of using the search function at the time, so give me a (bleeping) break!


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Could have told him a little nicer fellas.

"View New Posts" and the search function usually helps you find the more up-to-date threads. Always try those first before posting a new thread please.