New Info on New Armor - CQB and EVA

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Close Quarters Battle and Extra Vehicular Armor

CQB is better for melees and such, and EVA is better for... dunno stealth?
Remember the new Halo 3 helmets revealed last week? They resembled those seen in the upcoming first-person shooter HAZE and Star Wars: Republic Commando. Now, following the Gamepro preview, The Toronto Sun has revealed further information regarding these armors; yes, that’s plural.

The article on this Canadian newspaper revealed that there will be different armors for you to wear in Halo 3 multiplayer. The story revealed two of them; the CQB (close-quarters battle) and the EVA (extra-vehicular activity) armors. It seems you’ll be able to choose a certain type of battle armor for your Spartan to wear, with these armors providing certain strengths (ex: melee combat) while also make you more vulnerable in other areas as a required trade-off that assures a balanced gameplay.

It remains to be seen if there are more armor types.
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I wonder if Bungie is trying to stamp this out?:

Gamepro reveals something brand new to the Halo universe: Armor permutations and customization. Armor permutations and customization are a series of cosmetic changes to your Spartan that gives players another way to distinguish themselves from the pack in Halo 3's multiplayer.

-Luke Smith 6/5/07

now THERE'S a pretty cool armor permutation! (As Luke mentions on, the customizations are cosmetic only; they won't affect gameplay.)

-Louis Wu 6/5/07

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yeah I only want cosmetic changes, that armor is sweet, but I have no specialty I just play all around, vehicle, close combat, long range whatever gets the kill

dont need armor differences messing that up
From IGN's article today:

Details are still sketchy, but we understand that at some point during the single player campaign, you'll unlock special armor and helmets that you can apply to your multiplayer character. These include two new variants - C.Q.B. (Close Quarters Battle) and E.V.A. (Extra-Vehicular Activity). Are they collectible? Tradable? Will they be associated with your online military-equivalent ranking? Will they improve your defensive capabilities, or are they merely 'decorative'? We tend to think it's solely a visual difference, but only Bungie knows, and even then, the implementation is still up in the air right now. All we know for certain is that having a unique online presence is very attractive right now, and Halo 3 is going to jump on that bandwagon.
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One thing I did notice in the new images today is that the CQB chest armor seems to have a knife sheath built into the chest, as well as a pull handle for some other function.

I noticed it before, but the new images just make it so much more obvious.

Anybody else see this?

ya sean i noticed the handle thingy too but i thought it was more of a canistre...watever it is i doubt its usable thou. hahaha that knife is total bitchin thou :mrgreen:
The knife is totally cool - reminds me of Naked Snake in MGS3. If it's useable wouldn't it be weird to run after an Elite with the tactical knife? or a Brute? Unless you could like, slice the backs of their thighs and make them fall. Eh, I'm hoping it's just for show; and even then it's weird
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