New maps for Halo 2 that can only be obtained by the 360

Ironic Prophet

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Link is broken, but yeah, bungie posted about it on too. Im glad its for 360'ers only, and its a smart business move for microsoft, since people will go out and buy the 360 now for the maps, and for the halo 3 beta thats comming out.


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Yeah, it is a smart move for Microsoft, especially since the PS3 was released today and the Wii will be coming on Sunday. Also On December 4th during Monday Night football, the first Halo 3 commercial will be on, and I heard the Multiplayer Beta version of Halo 3 will be released around Febuary.


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Yup, its a playable online demo. Coming out in spring, though, right? Not february? cuz its february right now... and next feb. is undoubtably when the full game will come out so.........

Can't wait for the commercial. What channel is monday night football again? I see comercials for it all the time, but i can't remember what channel it's for. ESPN?