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Greetings Everyone.

thanks for linking me to your site Adam, Really like what you've done with it.

I saw everyone was posting pics of their suits. mine isn't 100% finished, still making the undersuit, gotta add shading and what not. So bare in mind its Not 100% finished. i threw in a few pics of my eariler attempts of painting the helmets too.














Sorry to any poor souls on Dial-up ;)

The suits made of a special Poly-Urethane resin. it is as light weight as vac formed plastic only in liquid form.
The suit also has an iron coating, this means that if i dent or scrape/scratch the suit raw metal will show through ( however it still weighs less than nothing)

The visor is made of a special micron gold film... and when i say film i mean its like gold leaf, it took me about 8 weeks to work out a method for lamination to make it more see through ( and no a normal laminator won't work as its not got a temp gage).. So yes the visor is see through.

The entire suit has molded padding which i coved with a softskin leather. the leather parts of the shoes took me a while to sew correctly with out too much warping.

YES i will be adding the lights.
YES i will be adding the glove armor.
YES there will be an undersuit
and YES there will be guns.. lots of guns.

I was luck enough to get ahold of the 6'8" statue. ( german made )
i sanded the piece up and made a sujit for my own personal collection :)
i am only 5'10" and the suit fits pretty nicely considering.. i've seen others which were cast off the 5'9" statue.. sadly once you have it all laid out it'll only fit someone around 5 feet tall... so basicly kid size.

As a finaly note , any questions or comments are welcome..

No the suit is not for sale.
No i won't sell them on ebay.

i get people saying that alot ;)

Thanks again

as far as I'm concerned, this is the most accurate, best looking armor out there.

helmet looks small compared to other armor, but looking at the picture at the top, it looks good.
yeah, sites still slow.... we just started. I'm trying to conjure up some members. (we only have what, 20 people?)

but look at your helmet compared to nightmare's



Very nice!!
as much as i like NMA's original suits...
they used Motorcycle helmts as a base.. which ment the heads were HUGEEEE. thanks for the kind words though guys.

as i said i didn't sculpt the armor just made it into a more wearable suit
Ironic Prophet said:
Thats awesome armor, how long did it take to make the entire thing?

hrm.. at least a year easily.

i still got the original staue if anyone wants to give him a home lol
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wow! no kiddin.. I'd take it in a heartbeat.

I even have a spot for it already.

By the way... nice choice of names, corpseguy.. what's the chances of THAT?! I've been "deadguy" since about 1985
I'd pay for good high resolution photos of him.... shipping would be killer though.

Let me know how I can get about 50 high res photos for.
Deadguy ; i've been corpseguy since about 97 ;)

ReheatedHeroics ; being from the woulnd't be the cheapest thing thats for sure. but i'll reply to your pm shortly.

Adam ; Because some parts of the statue weren't smooth enough i sanded down the entire statue so i still have to repaint him.
ok due to some demand i've uploaded about 30% of the images i have. i'm gonna leave it an an open photobucket accound so you guys can download what you wish. i'll take more detialed pics of the current armor shortly rather than the statue.

Some are listed in folders some arn't. and a few folders are empty as i have dvd's full of halo art.

Theres also several weapons along with the molds from the US 5'9" statue. which were for sale on ebay about a year ago. the guy wanted around $5000 US for them.
just plain awesome.

What I'm wondering is where to buy the materials for the mold, and for the cast. I have no real idea of what to use. I know, polyurathane resin, and what not, but there are so many types of those things.

I would like to make decent molds of my ODST leg armor. Any help on that front would be appreciated.
I'm just gonna go to our local hobby store and ask them about the clay. I'm gonna use some mold that the stormtrooper making guys use.
God I can hardly breathe LOL!
those pics are great, corpseguy.

I can't even imagine the coolness factor of being in the same room as that thing. I never even got to see any of the other statues in person, not even the crouched one that we based my armor on... pics only.
Adam. sadly theres around.. 2173329487423479 different type of uretheane ;)

the problem most of us having is as follows.


using Ultra-cal30 as a mother mold is good because its cheap. ($8 for 100lbs)

But...if you pour urethane into that directly.. don't expect to see copies any time soon.. or ever for that matter.

The mold for my helmet alone consists of a 4 part mother mold. and a one piece silcione mold. with too many keys for me to count.

of course i would do things alot different now if i were to do it again.

Silicone is expensive. theres no way around it.

Bathroom silicone won't work.
Latex... eh... not so much as it shrinks. i actually tried painting latex into my silicone molds to make a super comfertable suit... as you can see i stuck with urethane.

post some pics of your ODST leg armor and i'll see what you're up against.

Zeke30695 ; water clay is your best bet. hell or even plastercine. its cheap and its really all you need.

be aware though you will never get clay 100% smooth most people will make a hard copy and then sand it down smooth... of course if you're gonna vac form then.. hell that takes care of that...

of course if you're going to do that i'd recommend buying Mold board.
its used to rapid prototyping, it carves like wood ( comes in different grades of hard-softness) but it has no grain. this can be used as your vac form masters.

Deadguy ; he's a big boy, when i reviecved him he was in 2 huge coffin shapped boxes. the base is quite a nice piece on its own. i'll see if i can find those pics.
ok heres the 2 boxes it arrived in... Note ; i could easy fit 2 of me inside the smallest one.


This is a Client of mine wearing a early helmet.
the client is around 6'9" ( the statue is 6'8" assuming it was standing up right it'd look the same height as him.

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