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    (updated 08-05-2014)

    Dear 405th Forum Members,

    The following links are to threads that were formerly Stuck at the top of the forum. These are topics that may answer important questions you have, or may just contain important info related to the 405th’s New Recruits discussion.

    New threads may be added to this Sticky Index, so check back often.

    If you have a thread you feel should be considered for addition to the Sticky Index, please click the Report Post button underneath this post, then enter your suggestion in the Message box.
    This will bring it to the attention of the staff, and we will take your suggestion into consideration.

    Please remember that not all threads suggested may be added to the Sticky Index, and threads will be added at the Staff's discretion.

    Thank you,
    The Forum

    Introduce Yourself
    Introduce Yourself, by SpartanForever

    New Recruit Orientation Video
    New Recruit Orientation Video, by Adam

    All-In-One New Member Introduction Guide
    New Member Introduction Guide (Tutorial Download), by Spitfire22V

    INFO: How to Measure the Size of Your Pepakura Project
    How to Measure Distances in Pepakura Designer, by dodgerfan226 (Added 08-05-2014)

    Help! For Foam
    Help for Foam Armor Building Q&A, by Carpathia

    Help! for Armor Mounting & Costume Assembling
    Help for Armor Mounting & Costume Assembly Q&A, by 23Magnum

    Help! for Fiberglassing, Resin & Bondo
    Help for Fiberglassing, Resin & Bondo Q&A, by 23Magnum

    Help! for Misc
    Help for Miscellaneous topics Q&A, by 23Magnum

    Help! for 3D Modeling & Pepakura Model Preparation
    Help for 3D Modeling & Pepakura Preparation Q&A, by Carpathia

    Help! for Electronics
    Help for Electronics Q&A, by 23Magnum

    Help! for Painting
    Help for Painting Q&A, by 23Magnum

    FAQ: Papercraft & Pepakura
    FAQ: Papercraft & Pepakura, by Carpathia

    FAQ: for Molding & Casting
    FAQ: Molding & Casting, by Carpathia

    FAQ: Forum Usage
    FAQ: Forum Usage, by Carpathia

    PSA: The 405th Pepakura Database
    The 405[SUP]th[/SUP] Pep File Database, by MissingSpartan7

    How to post pictures in threads (Video Tutorial)
    How To Post Pictures in Threads Tutorial, by JBetts97

    Forum Infractions, Warnings, and Offenses
    Forum Infractions, Warnings & Offenses List, by 23Magnum

    FAQ: What type of glue will work best for my project?

    Here's the Original post, before being updated on 07-21-2014
    Welcome to the 405[SUP]th[/SUP] fellow Halo enthusiasts! Whether you’re looking for information on how to create your own epic set of armor, or looking for a place to show off your creations and frolic amongst other enthusiasts, you’ve come to the right place.

    As a greenhorn, here are several topics you should check out first and foremost.

    Thank you,
    The Forum

    Forum Infractions, Warnings, and Offenses
    Check the guidelines here to stay out of trouble.

    Sean’s Guidelines For A Better Forum
    Guidelines For A Better Forum, by Sean Bradley

    "Only nice people get Halo's"
    A guide to forum conduct and morale, by Sean Bradley

    This is how it work around here.
    99% Serious, 1% Funny, A satire on the 405th new member, by DOOM

    How did you find us?
    Click Here and please let us know!

    Unofficial FAQ
    The Unofficial FAQ by SPARTAN405 might have the answers you need!

    Doc's Rules on PMing
    Doc's got some good general rules!

    The official 405th Q&A Team!
    Q & A - Team by JediStumpy & BlacRoseImmortal

    Have a question? Don't bother with a thread!
    Q & A Thread by BlacRoseImmortal

    Posting Your Pictures
    Try Posting Your Own Pictures / Images by 23Magnum

    Public Infractions and Banning Lists
    Public Infractions and Bannings List, by 23Magnum

    Ready to get started? Good! Time to jump in feet first and check out these threads!

    Introduce Yourself!
    Come on in a introduce yourself!

    How to Post Pictures in Threads

    All-In-One Member Introduction Guide
    Lots of great info here!

    New Recruit Orientation Video
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    New items may be added to this sticky index so check back often.

    You can PM a Mod or Staff member if you feel something is worthy to be stickied. Please consider the topic of your request, repeat topics wont be pinned, and be kind and courteous in your requests. Not all requests will be stickied unfortunately and it is at our discretion what topics we will add to this list.

    Thank you,
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    Good to Know, Thanks-kaisier
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    This is all so very helpful, great compaction to find answers to easy questions! Thanks!
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    Many thanks!
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    thanks for the answers. helped alot but not seeing the rules for regiments. i would fall under midwest so not sure if there is a wait period or not. if i missed the answer someplace feel free chew me out!
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    Very useful!
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    Welcome to the 405th!

    Members are able to sign up with their selected Regiment as soon as they're validated and posting - let your local Regimental CO know that you'd like to be added to the roster and they'll get you sorted as soon as they're able to.
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    Thanks so much!
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    well i can see how this has really helped myself as a NOOB, and a big appolgy tothose i have messaged, and thank you for the help i look forward to working with you to create future amazing builds , i cant wait to start so excited
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    Whew, I am SO GLAD I found this post! Found some help with foam and I am finally ready to start printing out pep and start this long journey!!!
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    So I am unable to start a new thread...Is there a reason why or a trial period of somekind?? Or is there a way for me to request permission to?

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    Looks like you figured it out, but if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask around and read up on the FAQs. Welcome to the 405th!
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    Hello my name is Matt. My brother and I are wanting to start making our halo reach Spartans and we don't know how to get the files and save them so we can put in our sizes and things like that can someone help me with this. Also I can't find a workable hazop pepakure file. Thank you for all the help we can get
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    how do you post a blog... I am new and may not be able to for a while.
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    how do you post a blog... I am new and may not be able to for a while.
    My blog is about my halo laser tag project.
    For sizing to suit you a formula to calculate how large the prop will be is (w÷214)h=e
    w= The weapon/part size in centimetres
    h= your height
    e= the equivalent height/size
    214= master chiefs hight in cm
    All you need to know is the size of the part on master chief
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    Go to you profile > blog entries
    Then you'll see 'create a new blog entry'.

    Also, please do not double post, there is an EDIT button.
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    Curious? could we update this to direct new members to the spartan company and the club?
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    This is super Helpful Thanks!
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    Very helpful and much appreciated. Have tried to find the Facebook page but no luck. Is there a link that can be added to the information?
  22. ThePaladin

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    It appears that many of the links posted above are not working, can anyone help me get to the file directory?
  23. Distemper

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    Hello ThePaladin, yeah unfortunately many of the links take you to the main page. Is there a specific file your looking for that we can help you locate? If it is just general files for armor The Armory tab at the top can take you to the armor forums to look for pepakura and foam files.
  24. ThePaladin

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    I'm looking for a pepakura file for Mass effect N7 armor, and I tried looking in the armor forums to no avail.
  25. Distemper

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    Hello ThePaladin, the forum location that may have what your looking for is on the main page under the title Non-halo Costumes and Props. I don't know much about Mass Effect but when your in that forum go the the right hand side of the screen close to the top and there is a search function that will allow you to search that entire forum for what you want Such as Mass Effect or N7. If you can't find what your looking for here another site that may offer more options for non Halo files would be the rpf at the RPF sorry I couldn't be of more help on this issue.

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