New Metroid On Wii

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Damit now I have to get a wii again TEAM NINJA is making the new Metroid and it looks F-ing AWSOME

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Wow, that was a big surpise. Thing looks unbelievable. I'm putting my hype for that well above ODST, and just under reach.
Doesn't look like metroid at all, until I see a flash of the zero suit, and I was like WHOA!

Will it be first person? Doesn't look like it but I can't tell from that.

For those who want to watch the press conference, it's on at

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I was hoping for another Metroid Prime, but this is still awesome. Im disappointed there was no new zelda stuff.
It looks like it jumps from Third to First person... and from 3D roaming to 2D platforming in the same way Sonic Unleashed did.

I can't say I'm hyped too much for this, despite being a huge Metroid fan... Retro did the series the best credit with the Prime series, and even if this is a new direction for the franchise, I'm not sure that Metroid would ever benefit from being more like Dead or Alive... even if it does show some of Ms Aran's backstory (note to that, the dude who calls Samus 'Lady' is Adam, from the game Metroid Fusion').

I just hope that Shiggy knows what he's doing in handing over the Metroid keys to Team Ninja....
I freaking love Metroid, and..

.. I dunno how to feel about this. The graphics look great, and I'm sure the backstory will be fun, but Prime spoiled me as far as 3D Metroids go, so yeah.

Definitely going to give it a shot, though.
Makes me wanna do Samus armor naow.
Sean Bradley said:
Looks good. I've never been a big Metroid fan, but that combat looks impressive.

That was exactly what I was going to say, word for word.

I have to admit, I don't even have a Wii, but I'd like to take a crack at that game for sure.
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Personally ... Super Metroid was the best of the franchise ... if they can bring back some of that side scroller gameplay goodness ... that game's gonna be AWESOME !!! well ... hope so !!!
Huge Metroid fan. Looks like the game will take a bit of getting used to, but it looks very good. The battle with Ridley looks sick.

i also wanna pick up that Metroid Prime trilogy i saw selling on japanese sites. all the controls for the first 2 are converted to Wii controls.
Sweet! I've been ever so sad since my Corruption disk was... well, corrupted. This makes it better. Definitely gonna get my grubby little paws on this.
all i know is this game will take place BEFORE metroid fusion from that guy (Adam and not the Adam from here on the forums)saying any objections lady? and she makes a program named after him in fusion after he dies. if you don't know wtf I'm saying play metroid fusion it will explain all
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