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I just thought I'd repost some stuff I've seen in the past few days relating to the movie. There hasn't been very much info coming out of Bungie about it recently, so even the littlest scraps of info can be tantalizing.

On Saturday a discouraging news story came out at IGN reporting that 20th Century Fox and Universal Pictures are sueing each other over who is responsible to pay the roughly $12 million in pre-production costs spent to date on the Halo movie. What I wanna know is when we're gonna see some of what that money was spent on?

Today Eurogamer released an interview with Frank O'Connor of Bungie in which they posed him the question everybody wants answered... Frankie was his usual non-disclosing self, but at least he let on about Bungies general feelings that they'd still like the movie to be made.

Eurogamer: What's your view on the Halo movie and are there still hopes that the project will continue? And has Peter Jackson played Halo 3 already?

Frank O'Connor: We'd love to see the Halo movie made and our relationship with Peter Jackson is as strong as ever. If we find out more, we'll be sure to share that information with you.
Full interview here:

And lastly I uncovered a fantastic fan-made Halo Movie trailer over at Bungie's forums. It's really the best one I've seen to date, weaving together clips from all of the released H3 promotional video and some select H2 campaign cutscenes. Maybe this can help convince the studios that the movie should be made.

Enjoy. I hope we hear something official about the future of the movie soon, but until then, keep your fingers crossed. :please:
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Very nice vid. And although I agree that no one will really want to produce it, I dono't see why. Halo 2 made, what, 125 million on it's first day of sales? I don't see why no one is relizing that EVERY halo fan there is would pay to see this, probably multiple times, then they could release a DVD of it, also wit ha limited collector's edition. I'm estimating profits in and around 74 quintillion dollars from this. :roll: Why can't any publishers figure that out?!?!! GAH!!
im guessing mabey becuase.....hmm THEY ARE FREAKING RETARDED, they made a doom movie that sucked but every doom fan , including me heheh, went to go see it then bought it just becuase it carried the doom name, it wasnt even that good.
The video was awesome. I definately think they will make it no matter what. Saying they'll scrap it is just bs. It is a gold mine waiting for production. I just hope it is properly funded... :roll:
all the company has to do is say "hey all you halo fans if you go to your local theater and buy a pre-production ticket for the halo movie the movie will be made. tickets cost $10" im sure everyone would buy one within the first 3 days of them releasing it and then the company would have enough money to produce the movie.
I heard that Fox and Universal had dropped the movie, and the Bungie and Peter Jackson were looking for someone else to do it, or did I hear wrong?
ODST General said:
I heard that Fox and Universal had dropped the movie, and the Bungie and Peter Jackson were looking for someone else to do it, or did I hear wrong?

that was the news about them pulling out, they wanted more money
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I actually heard that Sony has a huge controlling interest on one of those two companies...I forget which... but anyhow thats the reason that they decided to pull out. They didn't want to financially support the deveopment of one of their competitors biggest titles into a film franchise.

Which is the point at which Robbie Bach from Microsoft said...'yeah, well we don't want to get into the business of producing movies, we're a software company". In other words Microsoft says 'Let someone else produce it... we don't make movies'.

Which is a shame, because I was really looking forward to 'Windows Vista: The Movie'! :lindsey:
Yeah, I thought about pointing out that at the moment you seem to be ahead of Peter Jacksons film effort...

Congrats. This may be the only Halo movie we get to see for years to come!
sadly thats true so watch out for Microsoft, you may not be doing this for money but they will take you as a threat, keep it as low profile as possible, and then when you spread it make it an unstoppable boom
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