New Movie news 5/27/07 : PJ still pushing for Halo movie

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Sean Bradley

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For those of you who are still hoping for the Halo movie:

Peter Jackson just recently did an interview for OnFilm magazing where he said that he's still counting on the Halo movie to be made. :hyper:

One of Jackson's other major projects as a producer was a big-budget adaptation of sci-fi video game Halo to be directed by South African Neill Blomkamp.

However, plans for the film to be shot in Wellington were shelved last year.

Jackson said he expected renewed interest from Hollywood studios 20th Century Fox and Universal Pictures to have Halo made as the Halo 3 video game will be released later this year.

He and partner Fran Walsh would be involved again in Halo only if Blomkamp is the director. "We wouldn't want to do it with anybody else. It'll be Neill's call."
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