new persons first post


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Hi there, Sins I'm new I'll tell you about myself..I guess
My goal here is to learn all i can to make myself a better costume maker
and I hope to make the full cast or the original red vs blue characters!!

I am currently working on a cosplay for myself: harlequin from assassins creed multi-player character..truest me never again will I be making him
after him I'm thinking of something a bit nicer aka Chell portal 2 where the gun and boots are going to be a pain!!

I love dogs If i could I would have a huge pack of em <3 but I wont cuz I cant lol.. uhm I'm a very big nerd if you don't believe me here I go!

started cosplaying in middle school ( even though when I was younger I was sailor-moon cuz i could not be spider-man *sad face*)
love spiderman comics/TV shows ( love old 1990 spiderman ) excited for the remake spiderman cuz .. come on Emo venom!...>=( I think not!...sorry he is one of my favorite characters!
I'm still a marvel fan but DC you will always have Batman and for that you will always have me XD
...uuuhm video games gotta love em obviously halo then there is this:
assassins creed,resident evil,Zelda, rock band, portal&2, American McGee's Alice and madness returns, many many more that it would take me forever to write out atm
favorit x-men : deadpool,wolverine, gambit...probably others but its 2:43 am and I should get to bed >>;;;
Talk to you guys later!