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r or m butler

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I dont really know the point of this forum really but its ammusing so I'll go along with it. If I could have a butler I would have a monkey so he would be loyal and I could love him and he would never have and malfunction an destroy me :p .


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well i made a ninja vs. pirates one last month. so i thougt why not mak this :lol:
[ wow more ppl want a robot o_O ]
A monkey, while it may have more technical processing capabilities than a robot, is too unintelligent to be a butler.
Robots cannot do anything outside their programming. Just don't let it learn, and there's no way for it to kill you. Unless of course it's programmed to kill you.


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Fragclone said:
i'd want the Evil Monkey from family guy XD
hes a johovas witness now hes not that evil anymore XD (if you dont know it was part of an episode)

yeah monkey butler all the way lol
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Robo butler, one that will give me the remote control when I want it, then I can scream at it for bringing it to me, then I will force it to change the channel for would be good.


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Monkeys... well, actually, they don't listen very well, are very hard to train, and throw poop.

Robots only need programming. Oh, and they don't throw poop.