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Yeah I saw his post, but I didn't about that. Good connection there dwoo. It could very well have applications for the undersuit. Awesome idea.

Like I said in your other topic Bevbor, it doesn't help us when we can't even use those programs. Unfortunately, the plushie program isn't readily available yet either.
I can't tinker with demo s/w here at work but here is the link to the page containing the plushie demo .zip

It's nice to know that there is professional garment making s/w out there but this simple plushie program might be free, simple, and available.
dwoo said:
bevbor found this link on youtube. Check it out, to see if it has potential for use in making undersuits.

Thanks again bevbor.
Can someone translate what she's saying. It's like she's trying to tell me something, but I just can't figure it out.
What is interactaree and automatacurah?
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Kinda creepy demo. I tried making something. Started with a round shape. Sought of kept it's shape. then i added a lump on the bottom and the whole thing deformed and went spiky and angry looking...and then the program exploded o_O
I'm finally got installed on my computer Modaris (v5 2003).
I'm useing 3D modelling programs for some years, but absolutely cannot work with this one!
It so odd... Somebody want to try? PM me.
I think to do this we would need the skin, or texture file for a halo 3 spartan model. Then probably have to do alittle work, getting things layed out. Im still curious how this works. After work Ill have to look into this further.

seems like you would need a rapid prototyper to make full use if the program. At first glance anyway.
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