New Project Part.2


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so heres the rest of the pics of the helm i made..once the electronics and padding etc are added i'll add another blog showing the finished product :)
Photo0114_.jpg (here's a close look a the interior of the helm, it's basically just molded and form fitted layered cardboard the outside of the helmet is a form of plaster cast layered with potters modge, a glue filler/finish^-^)
Photo0113_EDIT.jpg ( Abetter look at the back of the helm)
Photo0117_.jpg ( first coating of a deep midnight blue base paint, screwed up by not buying a spray paint can had to paint it all by hand)
Photo0118_.jpg (added a dark ebony black paint coat to the top, jawline and back of the helm, with silver on the mouth grill)
(added more silver to the helm highlighting ccertain parts with a silver paint job) honestly the paint job sucks on this i went and repainted it an hour ago hoping this new coat works well!

im pretty stoked though since this is my first ever actual pro style helmet made ^-^

hope you all enjoy

thanks to volpin props and sean for the video pointers, tips and ideas!

i'm going to start on my custom odst armor soon, so hopefully if i can actually do it i'll have some pics in the next couple months fo ryou all to enjoy!


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forgot to add a list of what i used so here you go:

1) Rigged Wrap 11.99$ (basically a cloth that you can wet and use as a form of making a plaster super good)
2) cardboard
3)basic acryllic paints
4)Mod Pudge 8.99$( pretty badass glue/finish, when applied it dries in a clear form sealing up everything as well as leaving a nice shiny finish to your helmet)

that's pretty much the list, only extra stuff that was used was some painters tape to mask parts of the helmet i was painting as well as hold together the basic frame of my helmet, a box cutter and thats it :)