New Studio Website, Need Someone Skilled In Webdesign....

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Hey all,

Drgon47 and myself have begun setting up a prop studio in Texas, just so we can consolidate skills, and hardware. We have a CNC machine etc, and are working on getting a vacuum former.

At the moment, I am focusing on building the website, which I have done a few times before, but I want to build something better this time. Which probably means it would be easier to get someone to help me do it.

I am not expecting this free, so we will definitely work something out. I just feel that someone skilled in web design, and also enjoys this hobby would probably help do a better job, and also input some ideas.

Please drop me a PM, post here, or email me at

Thanks all :D

Grim Killer

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I can do websites, But I'm still a noob at it,

But In the spring Ill be starting school that involves website design

So if you cant find anyone, which I'm sure that you will, hit me up and I could help out.


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If you can't find anyone, hit me up and I can at least provide some help/support (too busy right now to be designing full sites). Heck, hit me up anyway, I wouldn't mind helping out where I can.


Taking sketches or Photoshop designs and making them efficient and guideline-compliant for web usage



Flash interfaces

Photoshop, etc.


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still working on other projects. what exactly are you looking for with a website?

visit my portfolio if you want.. havent updated all the sites to that yet.

are you looking for static html, or some dynamic php work with a cms like joomla or durpal or wordpress... wordpress is the source by the way.
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