New to Halo and foam builds


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Hello everyone. I'm Geoff and although not new to making costumes and props, I finished my first EVA foam build about 5 months ago. I've been slackin'. I should have posted pics sooner, but here they are now. The buckles are cold cast aluminum, the belt buckle and bicep plates are 3d printed, and the helmet was a raw cast Johnson props kit I painted myself. The shotgun also was a 3d printed prop that I did "in house". I have been a member of the Star Wars 501st, Dark Empire, and Rebel Legion for 4 years with 10 costumes completed and approved to date.
At this time I present for service, Master Gunnery Sergeant. He has a long military record and a shrouded origin story. You may learn some of his secrets once you've gained his trust.