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Hey everyone im completely new to building armor and was looking for some advice on where to start and how I can learn to make armor.


That is a very broad question. There are lots of things you can find on this site and other places online to help get you started. It mainly comes down to your price range, available tools and the time you want to spend on it. Some people go the way of using pepakura templates to make armor from foam/paper and others go for the 3D printing side. Either way you go there is a load of tutorials and build logs you can look at to help


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Hello SpartanConnor71, welcome to the 405th!! That is a great question. Where to start. You read.......and read....and read some more. There are a boatload of different topics here on the 405th. Then take a gander at the ton of videos on YouTube on foamsmithing, Pepakura, Armorsmith or 3D printing . Each of these have different building methodologies, and that depends on which material you decide to build with. Once you decide, you now have to pick what armor you are going to build, and since you are not done making decisions......pick out a color schematic you want. There are a few other minor things down the road you need to think on......but as you read people's thread, you'll start picking up on things that catch your eye. "This piece of armor done this way, that piece of armor done inverted, this color works better with this style....." the only restriction is yourself.

Now I will warn you, you are gonna want to pump out an entire suit overnight.......which ain't happening. This is not a sprint race....its a marathon. Take your time. Your technique will improve as you build.....enough to the point that you might even go back to redo a piece because you know better and how to make it better. The more time you take on a piece, the better quality it will have. The same is true if you rush a will look rushed and sloppy. And no amount of paint could cover up a bad looking piece of armor. Small mistakes, yes. But a sloppy, poorly cut and assembled piece of armor....will show every mistake and flaw.

Once you decide what you are going to build, that is the beginning of your armor........Let me say that again...."YOUR ARMOR". Don't get caught up and disheartened by what your first piece looks like verses someone w/ years experience produces right out of the gate. Just think, that person started exactly where you are now. At the bottom. You don't and can't get to that point overnight. It will take time. We have an entire list of tutorials HERE courtesy of PerniciousDuke. Take a look. You will be referring to this page a lot. Also we have an entire section in the ARMORY for you to sift through if you need help choosing a particular suit to build.

The best have an entire group dedicated to help, guide and ask questions from, in order to help you build your suit. Don't be afraid to ask anything.....the only dumb question is, the question not asked........


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It’s extremely overwhelming to take in all the Information and resources here on the 405th and beyond when it comes to costume making. I remember stumbling in here over a decade ago and having no idea where to start but i just began READING and READING and like a sponge your brain will just eventually soak it all in. Like Mr. Holmes said there are many different methods and applications to making armor. You find all of those resources here just by searching the correct thread for beginners. Once you have an idea of what method you want to use to make your armor we can help you along the way.

* EDIT: Dirtdives beat me to it. Listen to this man!


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Slow typist?

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Lmaoooo I was typing it up...Got sidetracked at work and came back to post it and after I hit send I saw THIS LONG, WELL THOUGHT OUT REPLY with links and all! I knew immediately it was Dirtdives with his warm welcome post


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Lmaoooo I was typing it up...Got sidetracked at work and came back to post it and after I hit send I saw THIS LONG, WELL THOUGHT OUT REPLY with links and all! I knew immediately it was Dirtdives with his warm welcome post
Dirtdad has practice at being helpful. That and if you let him start on a topic he's passionate about you better buckle in for a couple hours of story time.


Most of this is rehashing what DaddyDirtDives posted but oint form of the process to build:

1) Research and study.
Look at previous builds, tutorials, and get a feel for what goes into it. Determine what armor you want to build at this step. A full blown spartan armor is more difficult than an ODST which is more difficult than a Marine (generally speaking).

2) Determine your build style and set a budget.
This includes things like construction method and materials used. There are lots of options. You can even mix and match build styles or purchase components from folks through places like Etsy if you would prefer. Setting a budget is key. So far, my spartan armor build has cost me well over $2,000. But I am building it with all the bells and whistles (and I’m not even done spending yet). They can be done for as little as a few hundred dollars too. But budget often dictates methods used.

3) Determine what materials you need and start shopping/ sourcing those materials.
This is the expensive part... and in my opinion the most time consuming, especially if you are picky about your build materials.

4) Once you have your materials, start building... slowly.
Pick one component, be it a helmet, a shin guard, or the chest piece. Build slowly, build carefully and most importantly have fun!!! I suggest starting from the toes up, just because the first few pieces tend to be the sloppiest and give you a chance to learn from your mistakes... plus feet are rarely in the photos anyways!

Other things to do as you go: reach out to members on here! Start your own build thread so as you get stumped or struggle we can help you (and relive our own past traumas). Add folks on social media, most are more than happy to help out through there too! Eventually... give back, this community is build on our UNSC troops helping out and training the next generation.