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guys, I'm new to this part of the site, and well tonight i started making a halo 3 pistol out of clay based on a broken airsoft pistol. so well, i'm detailing it tomarrow probably. i'm wondering if theres a cheaper way to mold. i was thinking of after the clay dries, i would cover it in vaseline, then try macheing it to make a mold. another way I was thinking of was expanding construction foam. would these work? is there another way that is still cheap??

Thanks (man i feel like an idiot, asking for a cheap way to mold a weapon.)
If your master is gonna be made of clay, I'd suggest plaster first. Then, using the plaster mold, cast a resin fiberglass version that you can clean up as perfect as possible before molding it in silicone. Point to note, remember that the first layers, for both the plaster and silicone is important as it will be the layer that captures the details of your master. Don't forget your shims and I suggest stepping it to create a 'fitted' mold.

Good luck!

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