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I've made costumes in the past, really got into it these past few years. I use to make post weapons and such in middle school, but making a full suit of armor seems very daunting haha. Really looking forward to this journey and being able to immerse myself into this community! Where would y'all suggest I dive into on the fourms and such?



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I would start off by reading the Various Frequently Asked Question guides on how the 405th Operates:

And then dive into the Tutorial Index:


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Welcome to the 405th MagicDave! Cadet is right, those links above are definitely where you wanna start.
Starting this thing can definitely be dauting, and builds can vary in how long they take. My current build I've been working on continuously for 5 months and am about half done, however my previous build I made in about a month, so it's really all about what level of quality you wanna go for. If you wanna dive into the community aspect of things as well, start poking around other people's build threads and say hi :), helps people get to know you.

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Welcome my dude! Starting is just like anything. Daunting at first. Your experience in weapon props will help a lot. Find your references, cross-reference, and take your time! Mistakes will be made but don’t let it stop you! There’s so much help to be found here in templates, tips, and build logs! You’ve got this!