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I krapt meine pantzen too!

Whoa... todays the day for videos!

How cool is that hill indicator!!!!

Wow... gotta watch again!
Everyone is just saying the obligatory "That's cool", "that's pretty", "Halo sucks", "When's it coming out" stuff.



That looks so pretty.
That's a dang good video too. I like that they show you what medals you get when you get em.

But I am starting to not like that Spartan Laser.
Thats Mr. Jukes video that came out about 9 am today... I posted it earlier.... though thats a different host.

Bungie is hosting that video, uncompressed, and free to download...
WanderingRon1n said:
can you read German? i can only take an educated guess at what they write.

Well that Dutch, my proud mother language, its just a bit rubbish about the graphics. And please never make the mistake to call a Dutch guy a German...Its like calling a American an Canadian ..

And the Rockets are really nice :mrgreen:
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