New Weta Warthog pic

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:hyper: :hyper:

my god
:shock: that dude in the back looks fake.

Oh, i know how to make a warthog for less than $6k. :mrgreen:
I'll do a tut when I have the time/space.
Dude is real. Awesome anyways. We should bother them to find out where they got their camo.
What do you guys think about the Marine armour? Although i appreciate that Halo isnt exactly about realism, i think their armour has got less realistic (perhaps plausable is a better word) and getting more and more impractical in a combat situation. Whatever happened to their green tactical display monocle?
i dont think they wanted to make it exactly like the game..
i try to look past the simple fact they dont have a green monacle
and look at the warthog and the pretty damn good job they did with the armor.
doesnt always have to be exact to look awesome
Found this in a search and it may be old news for some of you but may be new news for others

Weta to make high-end Halo 3 collectibles

Weta will, indeed be making high-end Halo 3 collectibles. The announcement that Weta Limited acquired the Halo 3 license was was made at this year’s Comic Con.

As of yet, specifics have not yet been announced though, if the short film is an indication, you can expect to see life-size helmets, weapons and similar scaled-down replicas, er, collectibles. The only information was the announcement and the image to the right which simply has the Halo logo (the Halo 3 logo is faded behind it), a silhouette of Master Chief (not a prototype image) and the phrases “Limited Edition High End Collectibles” and “Coming Soon.”

Weta does an incredible job with its products with amazing detail and high-quality materials. The only other company that can compete for precision and quality is Master Replicas. In case you did not know, typically the phrases “limited edition” and “high-end” mean big money. The two phrases together means even bigger money. Do not expect these to be cheap.[/url]

Other big name (movie) licenses held by Weta include: King Kong, Superman Returns, The Legend of Zorro and The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

and this
Topps previewed Halo trading cards that will feature images from the game, books and other tie-in products
WizKids hosted an author signing and demoed some of the Halo Collectible Miniature Game. The company also unveiled the Halo 3 battle damaged Scarab and sold a limited and numbered lot of 500 as a convention exclusive.
Marvel gave details of the Halo: Uprising four-part comic miniseries, going on sale August 8, 2007.
Tor Books will be releasing more Halo books.
Mcfarlane Toys will be making actions figures, as we’ve already posted.
Master Replicas will be releasing scaled Halo weapons replicas (6 in. long) n Fall 2007. The first two are the BR55 Battle Rifle and the Covenant Carbine, already available for pre-order.
Kotobukiya, which we’ve highlighted through out Japanese Imports posts, will be making a Halo 3 Master Chief ARTFX statue that will measure a foot tall.
Gentle Giant, which specializes in miniatures, will produce Halo Kubricks and a Master Chief mini bust (with interchangeable weapons and arms). Both will be released Fall 2007.
Jasman Toys will be releasing Halo toys including a Halo 3 Covenant Plasma Pistol (October 2007), Covenant Plasma Rifle (October 2007) and a Covenant Energy Sword (2008)
Acme Archive will have limited edition art pieces.
Rubies will make master Chief helmets (2007) and costumes (2008)
Weta, well, we already covered that.
… and a quick list of 12 other licensed Halo products.
Holy Halo. If you are a hard-core Halo collector, expect to pawn your car, house and soul to get all of these items.
I wasn't aware that Weta manufactured collectables.

Cool! Maybe they'll release their BR's from the Short films.

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