New windows commercial featuring thom.

Was at the movies and the ads before had one showing getting the free xbox with the purchase of a computer and it showed him going to college.


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pics or it didn't happen!!! lol jk, i want to see :3

update...I saw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

found the video also! :$
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that is amazing. i wish i could have done that at my high school graduation. thank you so much for sharing this.


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i just saw a new one. its red spartan with a splaser and he destroys a box. its really cool. if i find it on youtube ill post it.


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Woulda been funnier if she said "Thomas Spartan". Just sayin'.

Anyway, I've seen that splaser commercial like 20 times now. It's kinda funny the first few times, but it's kinda getting lame, now. :/


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Bungie would never have let this happen when they were in charge of halo.
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I dunno i thought both were really funny, but you're right. it seems to have taken an entirely different attitude with 343 in control.


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I wonder if the Spartan was CGI or if they really hired someone to make the suit and wear it for that commercial.
I'm pretty sure it was CG. The character had the same animations from Reach, and there was a second where his lower body rotated without his feet moving.

I'm thinking it was the same suit from the Deliver Hope commercial.
Thom's armor was grey. This guy was either red or light red...or are you referring to the Spartan graduating high school? THAT I'm pretty sure was Thom.