New year, New suit


Been awhile since I made a post. But I’ve been really busy. Baby on the way, getting a new job, and football season (lol).

But I have been busy on the side… working on my next Mk7 armor!!

Got a few things in the works. Updated printing. Better filaments. Better tuned printers. And overall I’ve learned a lot from my first armor. With ideas from SlenderDummer and theMakyr, I’ve combined some thoughts and progressions into my next set.

Here’s a taste.

::update:: 2/3/23

Decided to do a little crossover with this set. Drew some things up on my iPad and designed some resin stuff. Here’s the concept colors. Note: this is just colored with my Apple Pencil, no actual painting has been done yet.


And if you still haven’t quite put your finger on it… lol



::update:: 2/5/23

Another concept coloring done. Check it out.


::update:: 2/15/23

I keep forgetting to put my updates in an edited post instead of a straight reply lol. But here is the finished product of the shoulder piece. I’m super satisfied with it.



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What kind of magnets are you using - the *clunk* in the video makes them sound super strong.
They are just some 3in iridium magnets I got from menards. I sunk them in on the back side so that they were flush with surface and had a layer and a half of PLA between them.
::update:: 2-14-23

Even with the excitement of my daughter being born last Tuesday, I was able to do a little bit of painting while she slept. Got the banished shoulder going, not 100% done, but getting there.

Got it all spray painted to the default colors. But then… tried a little something new. I used some graphite powder to weather in and add metallics to it. Still a little shiny in the pic, the clear coat is still drying. But end result should be pretty dope I think.

Love the lights!, whatd u use the defuse it, I'm adding lights to my kit and am trying to find the best way to defuse the lights.
I just printed the diffusers on my elegy Saturn 2 resin printer. In a white resin. I then painted the white with soul stone blue technical paint by citadel. The paint is very thin so it just coats thin enough for light to still come through.
::update:: 3/3/23
Helmet has been inducted into the painting process. I, like with the shoulder, used procreate to color the helmet first, to get an idea of the finish result. I do have to take into fact what the graphite powder will do to the colors afterwards. Some parts have to be black to achieve a certain look. But some will remain black. The base colors have been painted. Just got to do the details and the graphite.

Then this is the work so far


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