New Zealand Con 2017

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    Name: Armageddon EXPO
    Date: May 27-28
    Location: Wellington, New Zealand
    Events: Exhibitions, Cosplay and Cosplay Contest/Parade, Workshops and Repair Stations,Guests and Celebrities, Pokemon Go Fest, Hot Dog Eating Contest, Gaming Lounge, IPW Werstlers, "Magic the Gathering" Tournament, MTG Adept Selectionals, Ice Skating, Laser Tag, NZ Airsoft and Airsoft Presentaion.


    Name: Steampunk NZ
    Date: June 1-5
    Location: Oamaru, New Zealand
    Events: Steampunk, Markets, Vaudeville, Art, Music, Workshops, Forums, Fashion, Teapot Racing, Airship Racing, Gala Ball, Fire and Steam.
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