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Name: Armageddon
Date: April 10-12
Location: Wellington
Events: Guests, Photo OPs, Autographs, Cosplay, Cosplay Contest and Parade, Workshops, Panels, IPW Wrestling, Laser Tag, Vendors, Dealers, Exhibitors and much more.


Name: ConZealand
Date: July 29-Aug 2 Event opening is still pending.
Location: New Zealand
  • Activities to support fan and external charities
  • Art show – presenting paintings, drawings, sculpture and other work, primarily on science fiction and fantasy themes
  • Autographing sessions, literary beer or coffee-with meet-ups, Walks with the Stars, and other chances to meet favorite science fiction and fantasy professionals.
  • Awards ceremonies:
    • The Chesley Awards ceremony
    • The Hugo Awards ceremony
    • Other ceremonies, depending on timing and the country the Worldcon is in.
  • Costuming – both formal competition (the “Masquerade”) and casual “hall costumes”
  • At least one dance, with either live music or a DJ (LoneStarCon 3 had three in 2013, including a Firefly Shindig contradance and a steampunk dance.)
  • Dealers’ room (often referred to by fans as the “huckster room) – a large hall full of people selling books, games, comic books, movies, jewelry, costumes (often including weapons), and other fannish goods
  • Filk and other musical performances, music circles, and workshops
  • Films – an independent film festival and other film rooms showing science fiction movies, television shows, etc.
  • Gaming – live-action and tabletop board games, card games, and role-playing games
  • Live theatrical performances
  • Panel discussions on a wide range of topics pertaining to speculative fiction (SF) literature; film, audio and other media; art; graphic stories; fandom and fannish hobbies; science, technology, and society; costuming, gaming, and music
  • Socializing in the “con suite”, convention bars and at parties (typically run by other conventions or bidders, clubs, publishers/magazines, and by private individuals)
  • Speeches or other presentations by the Guests of Honor and other program participants
  • Other business of the World Science Fiction Society, including voting on the location of future Worldcons and North American Science Fiction Conventions (NASFiCs, which occur when the Worldcon is overseas) and any changes to the WSFS Constitution, which are made at WSFS business meetings during the convention.


Name: FurConNZ
Date: Jan 30-Feb 2
Location: Forest Lakes, Otaki New Zealand
Genre: Furry

FurCoNZ is the annual gathering for the New Zealand Furry community, typically held in summer every year. Unlike most foreign Furry Conventions, FurCoNZ is not hosted in a hotel. Instead it is run as a camp, much like Camp Feral! or Oklacon. This keeps FurCoNZ simple and more informal, while retaining the link to the New Zealand outdoors.
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Division Scheduler and Keeper of Con Lists
Division Staff
Community Staff
Hey guys, New Zealand Con list is updated. Be safe and stay healthy. If you are attending, please check w/ the con website first to see if the event is still on.