Newbie armor build


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Hello peoples, over this Holiday Break and quarantine ive decided to finally do something with my life. I have finally decided to stop drooling over everyones amazing halo cosplays and make my own!!! Considering this is my first full body armor build I am pretty proud of the way it is turning out so far. I wanted to come on here and show my progress while also getting as much advise from the community!
Here is my progress so far ♡
(Pls ignore my serial killer looking basement I am working in a tiny corner and its gotten a bit cluttered)

Helmet: so the helmet is a raw casting i bought off of etsy. I sanded it and cut out the space for the visor before painting it. I know that painting it before even finishing the rest of rhe armor probably wasnt efficient but i really wanted to paint it so i could base the rest of my color pallet off of it when it does come time to paint.

^before weathering


^after weathering

Gauntlets: all of my armor (except the helmet) is going to be made of eva foam.


Butt plate: i think this unfinished form is pretty good but it still has some work to be done

Thighs: I just finished the right side thigh and I hope to work on the left tomorrow


Also if anyone could give me suggestions on the best ways to connect your armor that would be awesome! I was thinking for either using buckles or magnets but I just want other opinions if you've got them ♡
Thanks for reading ill update soon ₍˄·͈༝·͈˄*₎◞ ̑̑


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Sorry I havent updated in a while. School has been catching up to me so that mean a lot less time to work haha. As promised I finished the other thigh, however, I don't have a picture sorry! I do however have a picture of the now completed helmet with padding and the visor in place.
(Yay another milestone complete)


Anyways I hope to finish up at least one of the shins this weekend.
Until next update byeee
₍˄·͈༝·͈˄*₎◞ ̑̑