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Hey guys. I have a small request. You know those Halo Weapon Templates I see, Well I was hoping someone could make this Nightshade Pistol template for me. Im starting very small foam builds before I do anything big. Same goes for my little pepakura mask project. Below are images of the pistol. Its from the game WANTED Weapons of Fate.

My guess its a mix between a p 14 or 1911 pistol with a beretta 92fs. Looks pretty sweet, holds up to 20 rounds. But yeah This is only a small request very optional.
Most sporting goods stores and even some Wal-Marts have cheapie 1911 airsoft pistols in clear plastic. I'd add on to one of those rather than starting from scratch. Or, start with a higher end metal airsoft piece if you are not super budget constrained. There are even some add-on compensators out there like this $15 item to bolt on and get an even more solid starting point.


Your end result will be a very realistic firearm replica. Please be safe and include the orange tip if you take it out in public.

Good luck.



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Im aware of the compensators, but this Nightshade Pistol is customized very heavily so even for gun experts its hard to find out what it is. At first I thought it was a Desert Eagle. But clearly I was wrong, this Pistol was designed specifically for the game. And its very unique but also fictional due it its 20 round capacity.

An of course Im safe, which is why this prop will be made out of foam. Im gonna practice on this so I can make my own MA5D AR.
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