No LotR for Peter Jackson



New Line Passes on Jackson for The Hobbit
November 20, 2006

"The Lord of the Rings" fansite has received an official statement from Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh about The Hobbit. The two have made it clear that New Line has passed them up, due to Wingnut Films' lawsuit against the studio regarding "The Fellowship of the Ring," and that the studio is looking for a new director to take on The Hobbit and a mystery second "Lord of the Rings" prequel. Here's a clip:

"Several years ago, Mark Ordesky told us that New Line have rights to make not just The Hobbit but a second 'LOTR prequel', covering the events leading up to those depicted in LOTR. Since then, we've always assumed that we would be asked to make The Hobbit and possibly this second film, back to back, as we did the original movies. We assumed that our lawsuit with the studio would come to a natural conclusion and we would then be free to discuss our ideas with the studio, get excited and jump on board. We've assumed that we would possibly get started on development and design next year, whilst filming The Lovely Bones. We even had a meeting planned with MGM executives to talk through our schedule.

However last week, Mark Ordesky called Ken and told him that New Line would no longer be requiring our services on the Hobbit and the LOTR 'prequel'. This was a courtesy call to let us know that the studio was now actively looking to hire another filmmaker for both projects."

You can read the full statement here: